Thursday, October 29, 2009


I'm a terrible blogger. Really bad. But, I have a crawler on my hands and K is going EVERYWHERE. So, because we're looking to sell our place and look for a more baby-friendly one, I'm generally occupied during the day.

Here are my random thoughts of the week:

1. Kate and Jon - please get out of my trashy tabloids. I'm not into you anymore, and when I have time to get my nails done, I want to read good stuff - like spoilers for the new SATC movie!

2. I love Lululemon - I swear I don't wear yoga pants all the time - but if I did, I wouldn't be ashamed because theirs are so cute!

3. Italian prune plums - I just made a really easy tart and will post the recipe soon.

4. It's nice to be in my tall flat boots. I don't really like fall because it means winter, but K doesn't like heat, so I'll take some cooler weather and a baby who naps again.

5. Why am I the most cluttered person in the world? How do I reform?

6. This whole swine flu thing has me a little worried - the Today show should stop scaring me!

7. Happy Halloween!