Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A little of this, a little of that

Our adorable K was a very good girl during her baptism. She got to wear the dress that was made for me (I never wore it as it was over 100 degrees for my baptism).
These are my favorites right now - tomatoes. Seriously, my husband was away for a night, so I could indulge in a completely me-centric meal. Tomatoes and basil over pasta and pretty heirloom tomatoes with basil and olive oil. What do you like to eat when it's just you?

BTW, it looks like I can extend my maternity leave through November, so I've got to get better about blogging. I hope you all are having a lovely summer - the heat came back here with a vengeance this week so we're just trying to stay cool!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Random Things

Ok, look forward to an investigation of the chicken breast later this week, but I'm taking a break from the recipes today.

Here are my questions - some rhetorical, some not :)

1. Who cuts Kate Gosselin's hair? And why is it long in the front and spikey in the back? It's like a reverse mullet?

2. How come people don't often hold the door for you when you are trying to push a stroller into a store? I swear I don't run people over or hit them with my stroller, but I could use a little help getting in the door sometimes.

3. If you have children, what is your strategy for getting dinner on the table? I try to pick out recipes in advance, and then prep/set the table during naptime, anything else?

4. If your baby doesn't like a bottle, how do you persuade them that it isn't so bad?

5. Why is all the lemonade in LA so sweet? I like mine really tart with just a hint of sweet, and everything I've had (most particularly you, Barney Greengrass) is almost gritty with sugar.

6. Recommendations for a lightweight travel stroller?

7. Why do people go to the grocery store in their pjs? I give parents and the elderly a pass, but I am always confused by the college students - they have no responsibilities?

8. Why does the Food Network have so many shows that aren't about cooking? I love my chefs and want more from them!

9. What is your favorite flavor of doughnut? I haven't had one in ages, and I'm starting to have a major craving. I'm a coconut or plain cake doughnut kind of girl.

10. Is it bad that I just don't blow out my hair all that often?

Happy Monday - what are your burning questions?