Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Mama Favorites

Hi there! It's finally summer here in LA - and I'm recovering from some sort of weird 24 hour fever. I thought being sick and pregnant was bad, but being sick with a newborn wins hands down. Baby K is in her swing, and I'm posting and on the mend.

I finally made it to see "The Hangover" this weekend and it was hilarious! We were able to sneak out thanks to some kind babysitters for a matinee.

Baby K is getting so big and so alert - she's turning into a real little person now.

I used to love getting facials every few months, but I'm thinking I don't have time to do that anymore :). Here's my solution. Bliss Steep Clean mask is perfect. It is gentle enough so that you aren't red and raw after using, but gets deep enough to really get the glow and make you feel like you've had a pretty serious cleaning. With all the dirt in the air now that it's hot, I think a more thorough cleaning is in order and this fits the bill!

The Joe's socialite jean - my answer to skinny. I don't do skinny jeans (I have really big feet and I think they emphasize my size 10's :). These are pretty much straight - and so comfy and flattering. I'm thrilled that they fit me again! They are also fantastically soft and stretchy!
Japanese Weekend - so soft, so comfy, and so easy to nurse in. This top I have in blue, and it's perfect. I use a nursing apron too (I'm a huge prude), but these tops make it really easy for first time moms to discretely feed babies and then get dressed again.

Ahem - PSA about skin cancer and the sun. My obstetrician recommended going to the dermatologist after Baby K was born, because pregnancy can trigger changes in your skin which may be precancerous. (You should go to the dermatologist every year for a skin cancer evaluation anyway - Icing loves you and doesn't want you to get melanoma:). Here's what I'm wearing on my face and arms this summer. It's fantastic. So light, oil free and doesn't drip in your eyes even on a long walk. Please be sun safe and careful out there!

So now, it's almost time for the 4th of July. I'm thinking that Baby K and I may just need to go up to Malibu during this week for a little adventure at the beach before it gets too crowded. What are you all up to?


  1. I've been looking for a good at-home mask, and I love Bliss - thanks for the rec!

  2. Okay I just wrote down the jeans and the sunblock. I love good info!!!! We are headed to Laguna this weekend and I can't wait!!!