Friday, November 20, 2009

To Do

1. Road test desserts using apples. Maple Apple Pandowdy (what a funny name) was tried last weekend - and delicious. I'm going to try a pear crostata tonight. Or maybe gingerbread with sauteed pears?

2. Go back and get the H1N1 shot - my gp has it - please let it remain there until Monday!

3. Pray that photo proofs come soon so that I can order Christmas cards.

4. DECLUTTER! I am a clutter magnet. It is frightening.

5. Start brainstorming Christmas gifts that can be purchased online - and try to avoid the mall this holiday season.

6. Anyone interested in posting a lot about Christmas cookie recipes? I like sugar cookies and gingerbread men, but I kind of want to try something new.

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