Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things Sleepy Newish Parents Like

The last few weeks have had everyone a little under the weather here at Chez Icing. As a result, we've had to revisit sleep training. Unfortunately, K is sleep training mum and dad by being very angry every night between about 3 and 5. Tonight is the fourth night of sleep re-education, and we are really hoping it's the night we turn the corner. In the meantime, here are some of my likes for these sleepy January days:
Plum jam. SO good. And, it's made by monks!

This loft home office done by Kenneth Brown. Isn't it beautiful? I just need to figure out how to get something like that in our loft.
J. Crew's extra 30 percent off their final sale. My last winter coat was purchased in 2000 and had put in many years of noble service, but it was time for something new. I love this color.

This is a fantastic book about feeding babies. As we venture into the world of solids, I find it very useful.
Cross your fingers that tonight is the night where waking up with a wet diaper is just a prelude to more sleep - not an hour of fussing!

If it isn't, this little machine and frother have been life savers! The coffee is phenomenal, and the frother is great as well. Highly recommended. The coffee comes in the cutest little tubs, and the shipping is incredibly fast.

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  1. what brand is that little coffee machine? I just ordered some "feeding babies" books tonight. Will have to add that to my list. Any other suggestions? Hope you are back on track sleepwise soon!