Monday, February 1, 2010


I feel that I'd be a lot more organized if I had a label maker. It's a round the clock clutter purge around here. I'm getting rid of stuff that I should have thrown away years ago, and starting to look at our place in a whole new light. I'd love to ask you how you all stay organized, and what your secrets are for purging your closets, kitchen and other places of all that clutter!

We had friends over for a big meal of spaghetti, salad and brownies on Saturday - it was great to catch up and enjoy some quality time. With this gloomy economy, and how much fun it is, I'm going to start having people over for dinner more often. This big Juliska platter caught my eye! Can't you just imagine it filled with pot roast or spaghetti and meatballs?
Grey. I am thinking about getting our living room and dining room repainted, and grey is my top color. I'm thinking a very pale, silvery blue grey. Any thoughts?


  1. love the color in the picture. what paint brand/color is that? You can't go wrong. I used the lightest blue from RH for our bedroom and I love it but would like a similar color with more gray for other rooms.
    Amen to eating at home, I find we have done this a lot as well over the past few months. So much easier with a little one!

  2. I'm actually not sure what color gray that is, I found the image on Apartment Therapy and just loved it. I'll have to check out the restoration hardware one - I generally LOVE their color palette.