Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Le Diner

So, we're having some friends over for dinner on Friday night, and that means dinner. Since these people have already visited us and provided us with a delicious dinner, I wanted to at least make something simple and tasty, rather than having them bring us food again.

Here's the plan (and it's a plan in the loosest sense of the word)

Marinated flank steak - grilled outside.
Salad (my favorite one with the goat cheese, pecans and cranberries).
Some sort of side - I'll ask them to bring it
Orangette's winning hearts and minds chocolate cake - if you haven't tried it - do so immediately, because it will change your life. With some vanilla and coffee ice cream.

Maybe some olives and grapes and cheese for starters?

1. Today during the long nap time - go through the recipes and make shopping list. (possibly make dessert too - if I have the ingredients?)
2. When N comes home, head to the grocery store to pick up ingredients.
3. During the Thursday long nap time - prepare steak marinade and dessert.
4. Thursday evening - declutter and vacuum.
5. Friday morning - after the doctor - during long nap walk to Whole Foods to get some cheese, olives and crackers for starters. And flowers.
6. Friday after N comes home, prepare salad and set table.

Can I do it? Am I insane? I'll post the recipes and how it goes. Wish me luck! (Fortunately, these are good friends, so if we end up with takeout Chinese and dessert from 711, we'll still have a lovely time.)


  1. first time to your blog from Mrs. Preppy - congrats on the new baby - i'm due in august with my first and loved reading your posts.

  2. mmm, sounds like a great menu! enjoy!