Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Things The Newly Non-Pregnant Like

Baby K has the lung capacity and volume of a full-grown hyena. (We also have hardwood floors through the house, which may explain why she's so resonant). However, even when she's shrieking like a banshee and flailing her tiny and adorable limbs, the swaddleme blanket keeps her wrapped down and cozy, so she can eventually fall asleep. Yes, it does look like a tiny strait jacket (Nana Icing kept calling it a strait jacket), but it works. I will be buying this as a practical baby present along with fun stuff for friends from here on out. (In fact, this post was brought to you courtesy of the swaddleme!)
Eclat du Jour is another favorite magical product. My makeup routine these days is sunscreen, tinted moisturizer and concealer with a little lipgloss and blush thrown in on the side. Some days though, that's a bit too much. So, that's where Eclat du Jour comes in. You pat a little dollop of this peachy cream on your face, and you are magically glowing and rosy, not haggard and shrew like. Plus, it has that nice "European" floral but not sweet smell (I can't describe it, but I LOVE it). I bought a bunch the last time I was in the duty free shop in the Paris airport, but I think it's wonderful enough to justify retail in the US too. BTW, it also works as a primer under foundation if you're more together than I am these days. :)

(Since I'm not pregnant anymore, I figured I needed to update the title of my likes and dislikes posts - it isn't quite as catchy as the previous version, but it is more accurate.)

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  1. I'm so glad to know a little mommie make up trick!