Thursday, May 28, 2009


For you all out there who are pregnant - Isabella Oliver is doing a sale on dresses with the code "Dresses" at so check them out. That's the black wrap dress I wore from month 6 through 9 and posted about earlier.

Plus, I got an email from their online marketing people about a new and gorgeous line of lingerie they are doing for pregnancy. It's too late for me...but I posted some of the pictures above. They do pretty nursing bras as well - which seems worth looking into. There's nothing that cheers me up more than pretty undies!
Baby K and I were incredibly lazy. It's cool and foggy - hello June gloom - so we had a lovely lunchtime visit from my friend J who left the most delicious chicken and rice casserole. We ate Chinese takeout and sparkling wine, and then she surprised me with the most delicious chocolate and cheesecake tarts from Amandine. How perfect.
In other random reality T.V. news - I'm addicted to "Say Yes to the Dress" on TLC - are there any other good ones? I need them for the late night viewing in the nursery!

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  1. The Little Couple and What Not to Wear on TLC are great. I have soo many mindless shows on the tivo... my excuse is that I need something to watch when I am deefing her!