Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

I hope yours was filled with good beer and green cheer. I don't have any green maternity clothing, so I am celebrating in spirit! I did make sure to bake some potatoes with my roast chicken for dinner, but despite my Irish roots, I cannot stand corned beef and cabbage. Right now I'm craving Irish bread, and I'll share if I can get my mum's recipe (it's actually from my godmother originally and it is delicious!).
I was browsing on the Idaho potato website, and thought this recipe for Irish nachos looked delicious - and a good way to celebrate for those of us in the west! http://www.idahopotato.com/recipes/id-709
In other news, we have our big learn how to feed the baby class tomorrow night, and are having house guests. I'm definitely getting the fatigue at the end of pregnancy - I'm ready for a nap by the time I get to the office in the morning!


  1. I want an invite to the private blog!

    mrspreppy at gmail dot com

  2. I had a green maternity shirt and I looked like a big artichoke! LOL.