Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring is Here?

Monday is over. I found this lovely image of a sunny day on this adorable website - which showcases adorable little pugs.
It was a perfect early spring day here - very windy, but clear and right around 70 degrees. I'm a total slug at work mentally, so I was happy to leave early to go meet with a pediatrician. Hope I don't get in trouble, but I told everyone where I was going - and I feel like at almost 36 weeks I should get kudos for still thinking and showing up in the morning! She was great. Not only is the office walking distance from our place, but they have really nice hours and a great on call policy. The only downer is that she doesn't have privileges at the hospital I'm delivering at, so Baby Icing will be making an early trip out of the house for a visit!
That's one thing down off the list of prenatal projects - hopefully I can get cracking on the remaining ones this week. I can't believe how close we are getting to anticipated arrival - and I surely do hope that Baby Icing is prompt! We have our final ultrasound and 36 week appointment this Friday, and I'm hoping everything looks good.
I'm starting to plan some fun projects/activities for my time off - it starts next week! The first day I'm having lunch with a friend and then going to a lecture about anesthesia (that won't be so fun, but I think it will make me feel better to learn more about pain relief). Then, I've got to get a haircut and color, and maybe a facial - I probably won't have time to do any spa days for the next 18 years! But, I want to make sure that there's lots of time for puttering around the house and general relaxation. What would you do if you had three weeks at home relaxing? Any projects? Any books/DVDs that you would finally watch?

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