Monday, March 2, 2009

Things Pregnant People Like - Warm Weather Edition

This weekend I had a brief taste of being quite pregnant when it is warm out. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan. It was only about 75 here on the west side, but that's warm enough for me - when I am carrying around what looks like a watermelon!

I did manage to get out and go for a walk yesterday - and am pleased to report back on a super high powered sunscreen for us vampires who are paranoid about sun damage. I know that hats are the best protection, but sometimes you don't feel like one, and this Neutrogena sunscreen goes on with a dry touch, and gives great protection. I highly recommend. I'll need to throw some in the car for this summer!
I had brunch with two very dear friends here - Literati at the corner of Wilshire and Bundy. May I suggest the chocolate chip pancakes? They are enormous and delicious. I was healthy and chose the oatmeal - also because I didn't have Tums with me, but when I go back next time...chocolate chip pancakes all the way! They also make a mean breakfast burrito - again, when the heartburn goes away, I can't wait to go back. It's also a short walk from my house - so good eats!

How cute are these dresses for Mum and baby? They are Lilly (natch)! Since I'm very superstitious, my big shower by my friends will be held after she arrives (safely, God willing). I don't know if I'll be in shape to wear something like this, but Baby could certainly pull off the little number, don't you agree? Also, how cute would these be for a mum/grandmum/baby photo shoot on the beach this summer? I'm still looking for a good LA baby photog - suggestions greatly appreciated.

I want to pass along the recipe below. It's for red lentil soup with lemon from the New York Times. It is beyond fantastic and incredibly easy. Please give it a shot- nutritious, easy and delicious!

In baby news, our prenatal class took a tour of the labor and delivery ward, as well as the postpartum recovery and the nursery. It really eases your mind just knowing where to go...not to mention we got to see some cute little ones in the nursery (they look like little burritos when they are all bundled up!)
Look for a post on potential shower hostess gifts coming soon - I've got to start working on those!

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