Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Update/ Baby Reviews

Last week was CRAZY busy. Work was nuts! One of the projects I'm managing just kicked into high gear, perfect timing for my maternity leave. So, I was jumping around trying to put out various fires, and not have my blood pressure go through the roof! I just keep reminding myself that there is a much bigger picture, and that my biggest concern is not stressing out little Miss Icing.

On Wednesday, we had a nursing class. I have to say, it was a very big disappointment. I went in expecting to learn about how to feed a baby, and how to approach different breastfeeding challenges. Instead, N and I were forced to sit through about an hour and a half of the benefits of breastfeeding (we are in the class, clearly we believe in the benefits) and lots of anecdotes. I can understand the place for those things, but what I really wanted was to learn how it works. I also wanted to know what to do if you need a cesarean, if you have a sick baby, etc - all the things that would make breastfeeding tricky. No such luck. I hope the class is sort of useful, and I guess I can always call in a lactation consultant or hit up one of the Pump Station support groups after Baby arrives.

The good news - after we snuck out of the class early, is that one of our good college friends was in town visiting with his girlfriend. So, we had a lovely, but late, night eating some delicious take out Thai food and wondering how we all got so grown up all of a sudden!

Thursday, I had a lovely dinner with girlfriends at Gulfstream - try it out - it's in the Century City Mall, and it is delicious - I had Brazilian Cioppino and a few bites of their ice cream sundae! (I may need to do a post on making hot fudge sauce shortly.)

Unfortunately, Friday morning I woke up with a fever and chills. I had to be in court to watch a hearing, so I dragged myself into the office and to the hearing, only to find out that the decisive issues won't be decided until a couple weeks from now! I went home, called my doctor, and found out that I can take anything in the Tylenol family. I took a four hour nap, and then just did a little work.

N has been sick all weekend too. Yesterday, I managed to drag myself out for a walk, and to my eyebrow appointment, before we lay on the couch all day watching basketball. I did make Irish Bread and laundry, but other than that, I was unproductive.

We're feeling a little better today, though sad that USC is out of the tournament. Oh well, maybe next year? Now I'm settling in for the evening, and writing thank you notes for my work shower.

Oh, and I read the book pictured above. I can't recommend it enough. It is a very fair look at all sorts of pain relief measures during labor - from what do do when you're just a little uncomfortable, to what to do when you need serious relief. It really gave me a good understanding of my choices and options. I'm going to recommend it to anyone who wants to understand modern choices - all of them. I'm so glad that I read it. It also has a really nice section describing pain relief choices for cesarean recovery too!
Only 30 days to go...and 8 days left of work!


  1. Didn't realize you were an 'SC fan too - at least we have football!

    I will pass that book along to my pregnant BF; thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Fight on - I'm already browsing the collection for tiny Trojan fans! And good luck to your friend on her pregnancy!

  3. When my first baby was born, my doula told me that if he latches on correctly it will feel like "he can suck the chrome off a bumper." Yeah, that's EXACTLY what it felt like! Somehow they know just what to do if you are able to nurse them almost right after they are born. I found the nurses in the hospital to be very helpful, too, and most hospitals have lactation specialists on duty, too, to help. It's kinda like riding a bike - someone can explain what to do but you really have to get on the bike to be able to learn how.