Sunday, March 29, 2009

Misc Projects

I had the most wonderful coconut pancakes at brunch today, and a nice visit with one of my friends who is expecting a baby in September. I'm glad to know some other mums, and am glad that Baby Icing will have some friends!

Yesterday I did basically nothing - other than see "I Love You Man" which was really funny. I may take myself to see "Duplicity" next week for a matinee, or go with N next weekend - we're trying to see all the movies we can now. I think I redeemed myself today - I finally got out the work baby shower thank yous, and am doing laundry - all of Baby Icing's little snapsuits and onesies will be nice and clean for her! I wanted to share a couple pictures of the things that I've gotten done (and look for a later post with corn chowder - depending on how it turns out)!

This little bubble is so sweet - it's one of mine and I think it looks good for being 30 years old! I can't wait to dress Baby Icing up - it's going to be a hot summer here, so I want to make sure she stays cool and comfy. Bubbles are nice and light, but they are still a little bit dressier than snapsuits.

Here's the crib with the bedding - TA DA! I'm thrilled with the quality and with how it all looks together...we just need a baby in there (hopefully one who sleeps!)
Here's the stroller that I built- and per MMM's review over on her blog, she has really liked it so far, so I'm thinking that we made the right choice. It has certainly been fun to practice driving it around the condo! (Much to the consternation of my cats).

Speaking of cats, there is fortunately nothing terribly wrong with my little girl cat - she has to go in for some further tests, but it sounds like she may just need to switch diets to avoid getting another bladder problem! Thank goodness. We've been spoiling her with lamb baby food (which is DISGUSTING, but she loves).

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