Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekend Thank Goodness

I'm tired! So, after hitting up Ralph's for the groceries, I'm sitting on the couch with a cup of tea and a scone (see the recipe from this past weekend's post). Baby Icing is doing well per my latest appointment, and we have an ultrasound scheduled for my next check up to see her one last time. My doctor doesn't do lots of ultrasounds unless there is a need, so we haven't seen her in about 16 weeks! I can't imagine what she looks like, and I'm so curious to see if she has lots of hair (we all have black hair in my family)!

Here's my original little girl - isn't she sweet? She is the most gentle little cat ever. She doesn't play bite or scratch, and she is so clever at hiding that I have thought we've lost her several times. She likes strong foods, like hummus, yogurt and salmon, and weirdest of all, duck grease poured over her cat food. She also likes peanut butter, but I only give her a tiny bit because I'm pretty sure it's not good for cats. She likes to sleep in the pregnancy pillow during the day, and loves to snuggle on the couch. She is also half the size of our big kitty - but she's just as cute!

Since I had a little time to kill before my doctor's appointment (and I parked at the Beverly Center), I toddled down to Bloomingdales to pick up some pretty spring lipgloss - check out Bobbi Brown's "Tangerine." It is the perfect pinky peach - just right for spring and summer when you have a little bit of a tan. (BTW, I say "toddle", because I am starting to feel like a weeble - like I could just roll over at any time from the weight of this ginormous tummy!).

This weekend I'm cleaning, washing Baby's bedding in Dreft, and hopefully starting to work on stocking the freezer with some nice pasta sauce and soups to reheat after Baby Icing arrives. I can't believe she'll be here in around 6 weeks!

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  1. oh my goodness...i just made the blueberry muffins (for breakfast in the morning) from the recipe you posted a while back. so yummy! keep posting recipes :) can't wait to try the meatballs.