Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Status Report - Operation Baby

I built a stroller this weekend. I'm pretty pleased - the Bugaboo turned out to be pretty easy to assemble, and it wheels like a dream. For those of you considering it, if I can put it together, you can too!

Our crib bedding arrived and is adorable! I'm still waiting on my mattress before I assemble it, but I checked with Pottery Barn, and it looks like it should arrive soon!

I've put in my request for short term disability, and need to confirm with the doctor's office on the forms. I also need my doctor's office to refill a prescription for prenatals - why doesn't it last for 40 weeks - that would be the logical time you'd need it - yes?

I'm working on my leave memo at the office explaining all my projects.

And, here's where you come in - I'm starting to think about packing my hospital bags. I won't do it until the last minute (I don't want to jinx Baby Icing arriving sooner rather than later), but I want to start gathering the essentials. My childbirth instructor recommended packing a small bag with things for labor (she really emphasized chapstick, so I'm assuming it is a big deal?), and then a separate bag with things for you, partner/husband and baby for after delivery. So, here are my lists so far; do you have any suggestions?


1. My own delivery gown (I'm kind of modest, and really hate hospital gowns. My hospital services a lot of Orthodox women as well, so they recommend this as an option and don't appear to be surprised by this.
2. CHAPSTICK. I'm thinking multiple flavors?
3. Socks (that can be thrown away)
4. Pillow and pillow case (that clearly don't look like hospital issue)
5. Ipod and speakers
6. Snacks for N, and something for me to eat after Baby is born and the doctor approves - I'm thinking something healthy like dried fruit and a granola bar, maybe a pear too?
7. Money for the vending machines (and the Starbucks afterwards).
8 Cell phones and chargers
9. Camera and charger
10. Portable DVD player and movie - assuming the epidural works and we have some down time!
11. After delivery makeup kit - brush, face wipes, concealer, lipgloss, mascara and tinted moisturizer. (I know this sounds a little silly, but I want to look nice in the photos...and if Baby Icing arrives in the wee smalls, I'll need help!)

Hospital Bag
1. Robe
2. Socks
3. Flipflops for shower
4. Tiny shampoo/conditioner/toothbrush/dryer
5. More money for snacks
6. Nursing bra/pillow
7. Maternity outfit to go home in (sounds like if you need a c-section, you want a dress or something else that doesn't put pressure on your incision?)
8. Baby outfit - tiny and cute
9. Baby book - for footprints
10. Pen/pencil/small notebook - I probably won't remember ANYTHING
11. Car seat (although this can stay in the car).
12. Sanitary products? (I think they give you some there too, but I may want some of my own!)

Ok, what am I missing? Is there anything else you like/think was useful? I'm delivering right across from one of the biggest malls in So Cal, so N can always trot over to Sephora for cosmetics or Bloomies for clothing.



  1. So funny because I am working on a post about this for next week! We'll have to compare notes!!!

  2. My bag is packed (in case I needed it on Monday) and I have already thought of some other things to add. Do you have those little gloves for the baby for keeping them from scratching their face? And a friend has told me that she took her diaper bag to swipe all of the diapers and such they they provide for the baby. We are paying for it!

  3. I can't wait to read that post! And good idea about the tiny gloves and the diaper bag - goodness I need to buy one soon!

  4. You did say nursing pillow, right? I know last time I REALLY missed bringing my boppy because my back ACHES when I try to nurse without it. Using regular pillows just isn't the same. Even just holding the baby on it is nice because then he/she is at exactly the right height to snuggle but you don't have to exert too much energy.
    For socks with my oldest, I brought this HORRIFIC looking pair of crocheted booties a friend bought me. The ugliest purple things you ever saw with a big pig head on them! To my dismay, they didn't get ruined so I kept them and have worn them as my "lucky socks" for the birth of my other two sons. I will break them out again in September for baby #4 and then they will never see the light of day again, but of course I will keep them forever as a treasured momento of the births of my 4 children. :)
    A lot of hospitals give you a basic black diaper bag full of samples and stuff so I used that to take all the extra diapers and stuff home in.