Thursday, March 12, 2009

Odds and Ends

Happy almost weekend everyone! I think Baby Icing is ready for the weekend too - she's been staying up pretty late at night, so I think she wants to sleep in!

How delicious does this brownie sundae look? It's one of my favorite features in the LA Times; their food section does a recipe on request from a local restaurant. I'm going to try to make these brownies...I may just buy the coffee ice cream and fudge sauce though!,0,6537428.story That's the link for you to check them out yourself. BLD is a great restaurant (and a really fun place for brunch) if you're ever in LA!

I picked up this pretty cherry blossom photo on Etsy. Here's the link to the seller: I think it will be pretty in Baby Icing's room!

This weekend we'll be keeping it pretty low key. I have a long meeting tomorrow morning/mid afternoon, and then a doctor's appointment (I get so nervous for all of them that I'm wiped out afterwards). I'm thinking of picking up some duck breasts and good cheese/bread/salad for dinner, and then whipping up the brownie sundaes for dessert. Saturday, we're going to Mastro's for a birthday party. I've never been, so I'm excited to try it, but I'm also nervous - I hope I can still squeeze into my party dress one last time!
Other than that, it will be organizing Baby Icing's room, and working on gathering the little essentials that we need for her. Let's hope tomorrow goes by quickly!

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