Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Weekend!

Thank goodness we made it through the week! This adorable little castle for your prince or princess was on the Cookie magazine blog...wouldn't this be the most adorable addition to a room? I used to run away with a backpack, oreos and a cup of milk to under the dining room table, but this would be even better!
My doctor's appointment was normal. I'm a little paranoid about big babies, because I was 9 12 (and turned into a very average sized adult), but Baby Icing and I are measuring right on schedule, and my doctor thinks she looks just perfect (and average). I'm now going to appointments every two weeks, and we get to visit with Baby on the ultrasound once more at 36 weeks. Right now, she's curled up head down, with her little tush on my right side, and her little legs kicking on my left. That explains why I'm feeling so much movement.
And, in very exciting news, my stroller has arrived. It's too heavy for me to lug indoors, so I have to wait for my sweet husband to do that (Since his only opinion on icing is a strong aversion to cream cheese frosting, I'll be referring to him by his initial "N" from here on out.). I'll post on the assembly later this weekend.
Right now, I'm spent. I was too busy at the office to eat lunch or drink much, and went straight from there to my doctor's to the grocery I just made some soup and am planning on remaining on the couch all evening. Have a good weekend!

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  1. you're in the home stretch with baby icing! can't wait til he/she is here and you can tell us all about it!

    by the way, thanks for suggesting seejanework - they have AMAZING items and exactly what i was looking for!