Sunday, November 9, 2008


Seeing how nicely everyone else uses blogs, I decided to start one of my own. Cheers!

To introduce myself properly (while maintaining some anonymity), here are ten facts about me:

1. I work for a large government agency, yet I am polite and civil. I am not a surly government employee.

2. I have been married for almost three and a half years to the most wonderful man in the universe. We live in Brentwood in a condo shared with two Himalayan cats.

3. I love using the good china and silver.

4. Chocolate, coffee and alcohol are my favorite food groups.

5. I think Jane Austen and Truman Capote are the most wonderful writers.

6. Thanks to my husband, I now love football. (Going to USC probably helped!)

7. I love shopping. I just spent a very dangerous weekend at South Coast Plaza. I could live there.

8. I think my mother is a candidate for sainthood. (Despite being a lapsed Catholic, I love going to the Cathedral and lighting a candle at the Virgin of Guadeloupe. I guess that means I am superstitious?)

9. My friends are kind and wonderful. They make my day! And, thanks to facebook, I can stay in touch with more of them than before.

10. I love Lilly Pulitzer. I think it's a genetic thing. If you are from New England, you can't help it. Fortunately, I live near the ONLY Lilly store in LA. I vote for a little less Juicy and a little more Lilly.

11. Bonus - Prosecco is my favorite. And, add a little peach puree - pure heaven.

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