Sunday, November 16, 2008

Things I've learned this weekend

1. Fires are beautiful in the fireplace, but they are the scourge of fall in Southern California. The sky is filled with red smoke, and thousands of people may lose their homes before it's all over. All we can do is pray for the winds to die down. This has made me more convinced than ever that I must live in the city - no canyon living for me!

2. The economy is gloomy too. I met a good friend for brunch at Barney Greengrass today, and Barney's below was eerily empty. Saks too. Neither of us was in the mood to purchase anything, but it was scary how desolate the stores were.

3. Century City needs to allow you to reserve seats for the movies. I'm so sick of showing up 30 minutes early just to get semi decent seats. (Also, it seems that pregnant people love movies. Apparently, it's the only social activity for us in LA, at least judging by the population of my theatre last night!)

4. Scheduling my doctor's visit for as late as possible on Friday is much more pleasant than the earlier times. I get a greater selection of parking, and a much less crowded office. Better for all my pesky questions!

5. Installing a ceiling fan in our bedroom has been a lifesaver these last hot and stuffy nights. I think the new hardwood floors are also helping to keep it cool.

6. I am oddly motivated to complete my Christmas shopping early. Instead of going for a walk this afternoon, I've been exploring the gift selection on the web. I have started a couple presents, and hope to chip away at them over the next couple weeks. I wonder if this odd new compulsion is pregnancy related? In a similar vein, I'm gathering potential recipes for Christmas cookies this weekend too. I'm hosting Christmas this year, so I think if the temperature drops back to normal, it's time to start testing some of the recipes.

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