Friday, November 21, 2008


Today was an absolute whirlwind! I had an appearance in court in the morning, which is kind of different, because I'm generally just an advice-giver who sits in an office. Then, I had to race back to finish a very important memo, and finally off to a meeting with a firm that I'm supervising on a large case. (I used to work at the firm, which makes it extra fun).

Now, I'm spent. I'm also pretty darn pleased with my outfit, which managed to be super comfy and flattering all at the same time. The elements are above (I'm a little too shy to post pictures of me showing my face just yet, but maybe after the baby is born, I'll go private and feel more confident?) That Bella Band is amazing. The top is Tibi that I got on super sale at Bluefly. It is a tunic that manages to conceal the belly without adding too much volume. I can't button my suit jacket without looking like an overstuffed sausage, but I think it worked Ok unbuttoned. (Honestly, what people think is appropriate to wear to court these days is disturbing!)

So, it's a little after 5:00 - after that last meeting, I was NOT going back to the office. I"m gearing up to watch "What Not to Wear" with a cup of tea...please try the Celestial Seasonings Sugar's divine with a little honey. I should go exercise...but since I'm volunteering at the LA Food Bank for Junior League tomorrow morning, I think I'm going to take it easy and go for a walk tomorrow. Good thing I have my first pregnancy massage tomorrow afternoon!

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