Sunday, November 23, 2008

Those tricky in-between outfits

I know it is scientifically impossible to BE a little bit pregnant. But, you sure can LOOK it. Example - weeks 13-18 for me. I have a small tummy, but with the Bella Band, I can wear my regular pants, but my snugger shirts and sweaters are not fitting as well. Unfortunately, maternity stuff isn't quite fitting yet...I just look fatter. So, what's a girl to do? Tunic tops have been working for me. I posted about my Tibi top on Friday, and I've posted another beauty from Nanette Lepore with enough drape to go over the belly. I also have my standby Mint top from last year, which looks pretty and festive enough for the holidays with plenty of room for baby underneath!

And, a big thank you to Diane Von Furstenberg. The wrap dresses still fit, and I bought a plain black one a size up that I think I can wear for a few more weeks at least. Because really, I'm kind of angry at maternity stores. I about died when I was in A Pea in the Pod a month ago. I couldn't believe how expensive everything was - for stuff you wear for less than a year at a time. And, their sales are not impressing me one bit. I know I need a maternity suit and SOON, but right now, I'm working on some super cute options from GAP thanks to Mrs. Preppy and will post reviews on arrival.

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