Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Things Pregnant People Like

While I firmly believe that pregnant people are just like everyone else, some things take a special shine as you work on baking the bun in the oven.

1. Yoga pants. Ahhhh, stretchy and comfy waistbands. My favorites are the Lululemon ones. As I see the few other preggos in my Bar Method classes who are a little farther along, you can just pull down the waistband as your tummy grows.

2. Friends who have had babies. My friend A, who is the mother of a sparkling new baby, just forwarded me the most wonderful excel spreadsheet containing a complete and detailed list of all purchases for my own little muffin.

3. My mum. She was the first one to put my mind at ease when I found that pregnancy has certain "physical indignities" that I only discovered after the fact. As she says, pregnancy is something to be "endured" because BABIES, not pregnancy are the wonderful part.

4. A husband who is willing to buy you whatever sort of takeout your heart desires...because sometimes even opening a can of soup seems like a lot of work. Also, being the sort of husband who takes everything in stride and is very practical is a nice counterbalance to the hormonal thing.
5. Face cream. Pregnancy is weird and has really dried out my skin. This cream is super light, but provides enough moisture to fight the dry weather of So Cal.
6. The Bar Method (http://www.barmethod.com/) is gentle, non-impact stretching and toning that has my doctor's seal of approval, but still gets my heart rate going and really works.
7. Stretch mark cream. I don't know if it does any good, but it certainly works on the dry skin problem (though it does smell distractingly like chocolate). I like the Mustela brand one.

8. Bella Band. I'm still wearing my pre-pregnancy work pants with this handy-dandy invention. It is like a thin tube of stretchy material that holds up your pants if you can't button them anymore. I think it really helps in the sort of awkward not really pregnant enough stage that I've been in since week 12. It's week 18 now, so I think I'm going to be ready for some maternity pants pretty soon.

9. J Brand Jeans. Not only do they make the "mama j" which cracks me up, since my first initial is "J" but I can still fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans and zip them, with comfort. The amount of stretch in their jeans is amazing. I'm definitely splurging on the mama j's when the time comes.
10. Knowing that it is impossible to be pregnant forever! I love the thought that at some time around the middle/end of April, I will somehow (God willing) not be pregnant anymore.


  1. Pregnancy does craxy things to my face! One minute I have a huge zit (I never get sits) and the next my face is incredibly dry. There is no happy middle... Would you mind forwarding me the list your friend sent you?

  2. No joke. One thing that worked for me is using a gentle papaya enzyme mask. My aesthetician recommended her own, and I think Jacqua makes one that you can buy at Sephora. It's good at exfoliating that dull top layer without you out. I'll forward the list! It's a little comprehensive, but it was written by a pediatrician...which eases my mind like no one's business.