Monday, December 29, 2008

Good Things

I'm not making New Year's resolutions per se, but I'm trying to come up with good resolutions for parenting. There was an interesting article on the Huffington Post about how to keep resolutions:

I really liked how the article suggested making some fun resolutions, like trying different restaurants, entertaining more, or seeing more movies. So, in that spirit, here are some fun things that I want to incorporate into Baby W's arrival next spring:

1. Going for walks outside with Baby - I like getting out, and I can't believe that sitting inside a stuffy house on a nice LA day could be good for her either.

2. Having one (bite/meal/whatever I have time for) delicious food per day. I know I'll be crazy and stressed, but I am pretty sure that I'm entitled to an excellent latte every day!

3. Find a babysitter to allow for my husband and I to go out to dinner at least once a month. I think I'm going to have to work on this one, but it will be worth it!

4. Even if I get lazy about all my upkeep, wearing lipstick. I will also try to brush (if not wash) my hair every day!

5. Accept that some friendships may not survive Baby's arrival - I mean it's a big change for me, and I'm sure there are some friends out there who just aren't at the same place in life, so I need to accept that and make sure to find new mum friends.

6. Keep my sense of humor at least some of the time!

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