Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Having Fun Is Hard Work

I owe a real post with photos and details (I always prefer the photo posts). But, here's what we did this past weekend:

1. Baked for fabulous party in Hermosa Beach. Every year my friend prepares a feast to watch the fireworks, and it was my job to bake. So, I made homeade sugar cookies (the ones on Orangette's blog from last week) and chocolate chip cookies - try the recipe on the back of the Guittard chips bag if you live in CA and like a crispy/chewy cookie.

2. Figured out (essentially) the menu for our Christmas. Here's my thoughts so far:
Duck (DH loves duck, and I think it's rich enough to be saved for special events)
Potatoes au gratin (per the easy gratin in Nigella Lawson's "Nigella Eats."
Ratatouille (per the recipe from my French mama - it is the BEST).
Green beans with shallots and butter
Cheese/Spinach lasagne (my SIL is a vegetarian and I want her to have something delicious)
Rolls (lord bless La Brea Bakery)

For appetizers

I made gougeres tonight from Ina Garten's "Barefoot in Paris" and they freeze and reheat perfectly.
I picked up a brie in pastry from Trader Joe'
Cheese (truffle cheese at some point) and crackers
crudite and hummus
sparkling beverages (mine will be sparkling water and pomegranate juice)

For dessert

Nigella's molten chocolate baby cakes from "How to Be a Domestic Goddess" with vanilla ice cream
Gingerbread cookies
Coffee - and a comfy place to take a nap!

BTW, it is freezing in LA, and I'm starting not to fit into my sweaters. Does anyone out there have suggestions for maternity sweaters that are entirely natural fiber (i.e. wool/cashmere) and not acrylic? I ordered one from Isabella Oliver (along with a red wrap dress) - any thoughts on that brand quality/sizing?

3. Instead of buying the tree, we took a very long nap on Saturday afternoon. Must do that this weekend. And, must also make more holiday cookies and find great waffle recipe for Christmas morning.

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