Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday To Do

I am so proud. I have addressed and mailed the VAST majority of my Christmas cards. The stragglers are the ones where I had to ask my mum for addresses, or the ones where friends flaked on the emails.

I ordered from Lemontree Paperie and I was really impressed. They were very quick (and accurate) in preparing the proof and then getting the actual invitations. Plus, their prices were reasonable, and the final cards were adorable. Not to mention, getting your return address printed on the envelope flap is always a good idea!
Now, the remaining items for this week are as follows:
1. Cookies for holiday part on Sunday. I love watching the Manhattan Beach fireworks every year, and need some good cookies to go with. I'm thinking of trying the Danish butter cookies from Orangette's blog, and my mum's gingerbread men. I may even make some icing! (And a HUGE mess).
2. We need to get our tree! We also string white lights on our interior staircases.
3. Polish the silver. With houseguests (my SIL and her husband), I don't want to be worrying about this at Christmas.
4. Iron the good linens. Again, I hate leaving this to the last minute.
5. Find a decent non-alcoholic sparkling beverage. Any suggestions?
6. When I have a minute, start wrapping the presents!

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