Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's a.......

Apologies for not writing more, but Thanksgiving and last week were crazy. Between family visits, doctor's appointments and other assorted sundries (hello job), I'm back.

And, in case you are wondering, it looks like I'm having a baby girl in late April! She is so cute on the ultrasounds with her tiny little feet kicking, and even sucking her thumb! So, I promise to be better this week...look for posts on Christmas cards, holiday baking and maternity fashion, as I review the fruits of serious shopping while my mum was out with me in LA.

Speaking of strange coincidences, my mum arrived a couple days before the ultrasound. She brought with her a pair of tiny pink ceramic baby booties that my grandmother had received filled with flowers when my mother was born. My grandmother gave them to my mother when I was born. My mum brought them out to me to keep regardless, but now we can keep the tradition going...because it's a girl! More importantly, she appears to be very healthy, and I pray that she remains so!

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