Monday, December 29, 2008

Stroller Derby

To anyone out there who may read this, what are your ideas on strollers? I got a really nice jogger from my mother in law for Christmas, so I'm looking for an every day/sturdy enough for walks and errands, but still light enough for me to fold up if I have to put it in the trunk.

Although I live in LA, I live in a walking friendly neighborhood, with lots of stores/cafes/etc. in walking distance. So, my concerns may be similar to NYC or SF mamas who do a lot of walking. I've heard raves about the Bugaboo Bee as a good compromise that is small enough to maneuvre through stores and restaurants, but is still tough enough to handle a lot of use. This will be my primary set of "wheels" for the first few months, so I'm willing to spend.

What do you think of the Bee?

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