Friday, December 19, 2008

More Maternity Clothing...

So, I'm very impressed with Isabella Oliver - I ordered on and my shipment arrived today. Apologies for the bad photos - this is the nursery aka the junk room during our recent renovations, and I need to spend this weekend cleaning it out for our houseguests next week (and for Baby this spring).
I'm in love with the wrap sweater - it's so big and cushy, but not too baggy, so you still have a little shape. The red dress I love too - the material is fantastic, but I think I'm going to return for a larger size. This fits me perfectly right now, and I want to make sure I get more than a month out of it! That's the problem with maternity - when stuff fits too well, you get worried that it won't fit for very long! But, I'm really pleased with the quality and the speed of shipment. Plus, inside my package was a nice little card stating that they are doing a non-maternity line - my eyes will be peeled (I can't believe a time will come without maternity clothing!).
And, I just wanted to recommend this wrap dress from GAP. It is a wool jersey, so it's really soft and comfy, but there is such a nice amount of fabric in the wrap that I think I can go pretty far along in it.
Now, I have to put on about fifteen layers of clothing for an outside Christmas party tonight. Stay warm and happy weekend!

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