Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Adventures in Santa Monica

I went to the neatest little store today. It's a shop in Santa Monica that sells all imported Italian products. I was able to snag a freshly baked ciabatta, some Italian Nutella (a little more chocolatey than the American variety), a very nicely aged Parmesan for N, some pancetta for both of us (and the cats :), and some pretty pottery. All in all, a fun little adventure.

Baby Icing had a busy day of wiggling around, which I think means that she isn't interested in coming outside because she feels like she has plenty of room in there! I suppose I can't blame her too much. One good back pain trick that has been helping me and that I thought I'd share is bouncing on that silly exercise ball. I try to sit on it for a while during watching TV, and it does make my back feel a little better. All in all, I can't complain much. She'll come out when she is ready...or we'll evict her the week after next!

I tried the "Hearts and Minds" cake from Orangette's book, and I'll post a picture tomorrow. It's the sweetest story that she writes about it. I'm in love with her book! Tomorrow I'm going to try some stuffed shells (I may share a picture of my freezer - it seriously looks like I'm preparing for nuclear winter) and some sort of cookie/brownies to test for the l & d nurses. I also need to finish hanging the photos for Baby's room - one of the cats must have hidden the hammer!


  1. Have you ever made Scotcheroos? They are super yummy and no-bake, so they would be easy to make for the nurses. Recipe is here: You're getting so close!!

  2. Oh, how I adore Santa Monica. Would love to live there.

    And that store sounds fantastic! Nutella should be its own food group, particularly the Italian version. I can't keep the stuff in my house, so powerful is its siren call.

  3. OMG - those sound amazing, and N's a butterscotch fiend - I'll be making them tomorrow after a trip to the grocery store. Thanks so much for suggesting.

    I hear you about the Nutella, I can't always be rational about it, but I figure that for the next week or so, a little Nutella couldn't hurt, right? :)