Monday, April 13, 2009

The End of Week 38

I had a wee bit of heartburn last night, and ended up sleeping in until 10:00 today to make up for some middle of the night wakefulness. So, I'm sort of feeling like the cats today. However, despite that minor setback, I did manage to accomplish the following:

  1. Buy a futon for our loft/guest sleeping space that appears to be comfy and is queen-sized.
  2. Buy an exercise ball and some small free weights for after Baby Icing arrives and I need to start thinking about bathing suits :(
  3. Went to the most awesome kitchen/cook's supply store ever. It's called Surfa's and is in Culver City. I think they also have a website. I needed some new cake pans and a jelly roll type pan, and walked out with those, in addition to hazelnut syrup for my coffee, and some delicious chocolate/hazelnut gelato. They have some really interesting kitchen implements - lots of stuff for restaurants, but also lots of stuff for the home cook, and really interesting specialty foods.
  4. Generic tidying. I need to drag myself outside for a little walk, but other than that, I'm done.

All in all, fairly productive, and here's hoping I get a good night of sleep tonight!


  1. Surfas is heaven! It's a very dangerous place for me because I want *everything.*

  2. Seriously. I was contemplating buying a professional cake decorating set, and had to leave at once!

  3. have not been there yet! I'm in culver city all the time though! Not long now for cats love the baby. They like to hang out together but I am always there to make sure they don't snuggle too much!!!

  4. I'm so glad that your cat likes the baby - how did you coordinate the initial introduction? I'm wondering if I should send my husband home first with a receiving blanket that smells like Baby for the cats to get used to in advance?