Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Things Pregnant People Love When It's Really Hot!

It is still rather disgustingly hot here. And, though today is the "due day" I think Baby Icing is too overcome with heat to even think of coming out until it cools off. So, we are lying low, watching Food Network and doing a little cleaning. I'm scheduled for an induction next Monday if she doesn't come out on her own...but I sure would like her to show up on the early side of that!

This morning an appraiser came over to evaluate our townhouse so that if/when Baby Icing starts getting into trouble with all our wide open spaces and dangerous stairs, we can be ready to put this on the market. I think I'm a little hormonal, because even thinking about moving makes me weepy.

So as not to completely waste the day, I did drag myself back to Trader Joe's for more sorbets and other cool foods. I have to say, I'm in love with Double Rainbow - their chocolate and raspberry sorbets are to die for! TJ's makes a pretty good mango sorbet too. Plus, that parking lot in Westwood is so nice and easy during the week - how could I not take advantage of it.

And, I want to do a plug for the hardest-working maternity dress on the block - my short sleeve black wrap from Isabella Oliver. I don't have a lot of summery maternity stuff, because it generally doesn't get hot around here till later, and often April and May are quite cool and cloudy. That is obviously not the case this week, and this black dress is flattering and cool. I have a black summer dress from Old Navy that literally looks like a hospital gown or a sack, but I won't wear that if people have to see me, because it looks like I'm carrying at least four toddlers!
So, that's all the news from the home front. The cats are camped out on the tile floors downstairs, and I'm looking forward to the heatwave breaking so that I can go out for a little walk or something soon! If you would send "baby hurry up vibes" I certainly would appreciate it - as you can imagine, I'm getting really curious and can't wait to meet her!

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