Thursday, April 9, 2009

Things Pregnant People Like When They Are About To Pop

Hi there friends - I'm still pregnant, and here are some of my new passions as I celebrate a week of resting at home. I have to say, I'm feeling better at 38.5 weeks not working than I did at 36.5 weeks when I was still trekking to the office every day!

1. Annick Goutal L'Eau D'Hadrien - it is the lightest and most citrusy scent - I'm using the soap in the shower, and may need to pick up the eau de parfum for this summer. Delicious and not sweet at all!

2. Grapefruit - I guess there's sort of a citrus thing going on right now for me, but it's one of my favorite snacks these days - so sweet and refreshing!

3. For Easter Brunch, what could be tastier for dessert than Boston Cream Pie? I hope I can make one, or find a good recipe - I love the custard filling!

4. This pretty top from Pea in the Pod (I think it's on sale now). It's perfectly springy, and it still fits me now. I think it will come in useful after Baby Icing arrives as well.

5. My maternity 7s. I bought them at about 15 weeks, and am still wearing them at 38 plus weeks. I strongly urge the potential preggos out there - buy a really nice pair of jeans that are really comfy...because if you work in an office, you probably only need one pair, and it's so worth it to have a pair that are flattering and comfortable!

Today I met a friend at Babies R Us and got a bunch of last minute necessities, and then headed up to the valley to have lunch with another friend and her beautiful baby boy. She looks gorgeous, and so does he! Now I'm lounging on the couch with big kitty and trying to work up the energy to do some pregnancy yoga. It really helps with my back pain, and it seems to really entertain my cats - I'm not the most graceful practitioner at the moment :)
Tomorrow, I have my weekly doctor's appointment, and need to get my nails done. I also need to start preparing for Easter brunch and that involves giving the silver a very good polish. Any suggestions for a good movie to watch while polishing and ironing?


  1. Long time no talk!!! I have been keeping up, just not commenting. I can't wait to see pics of your little lady. Hope you are feeling well and can't wait to see some pics of your little one.

  2. Nice to hear from you again - and you are pretty amazing just to even be typing! I'll make sure to update here with some photos once she decides to come out and play! Happy Easter!