Friday, April 3, 2009

Day Two

It's kind of sad what "overdoing it" is for me these days. (The picture above is Amandine - the delicious patisserie - hang tight as I search for tasty quiche recipes to try for you). I walked the two very flat, very gentle miles to the car dealership to pick up my car and part with several hundred dollars. Then I changed for my doctor's appointment. Baby Icing is right where she should be, and looking good.

You'll agree it was not a very taxing day. However, I'm simply too tired to go to the grocery store now, so I'm going tomorrow. In other frustrating news, I finally figured out the mystery of the missing rocking chair. Pottery Barn cancelled my original order for some reason, but since I paid with N's credit card, I didn't notice. So please, cross your fingers that the reordered rocker arrives in time. My mum was quick to note that Baby Icing will probably not notice the difference if her first few days are sans rocker.

It's crazy windy here, and quite nice and sunny. Big kitty and I are relaxing on the couch and watching "What Not To Wear." I'm pretty sure that I am one watermelon bellied "Don't" at this point, but I will try to redeem myself after Baby Icing arrives. In a traumatic new development, my hairstylist just left her salon, and I hope I can coordinate with her on a new location before Baby Icing arrives - otherwise we'll have to do some headless shots of me (mama don't do roots).

Happy Weekend!


  1. Happy weekend to you!! Lovely spot to search for recipes.

  2. You walked two miles in LA? Isn't there a medal awarded for that sort of thing? ;-)

    Is it wrong that I've already considered how I will coordinate my highlights schedule with any future pregnancies? This is my way of saying I completely understand the hair dresser trauma & potential need for headless shots.

    Glad to hear you & Baby Icing are well!

  3. Seriously. Walking in LA is not common, but you do see people out and about in my neighborhood. I try to do it because sometimes the weather is just too nice to drive.

    As for the highlights, I think that is very wise. You're working hard being pregnant, so you definitely deserve nice hair!