Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easy Peasy Breezy

That was today - I made some really tasty black beans from Cook's Illustrated. My hat is off to that publication, because clearly only the most rigorously tested recipes are used. I love their online subscription, because you can store recipes and menus in a little online recipe box. So far, everything that I've made has been a great success.

A trip to the drugstore for more essentials prior to Baby Icing arriving, and a quick stop by my doctor's office to confirm that no, my water had not broken (I figured it hadn't, but wanted to make sure) and since I have that strep B, they make you come in. Everyone in the doctor's office is so nice, and they got me in and out in about 30 minutes! The good news is that I'm progressing along, and Baby Icing is apparently happy as a clam in there! Hopefully we can persuade her to come out at some time soon!

Now I'm taking it easy on the couch and gearing up to do some prenatal yoga to stretch out my back - any back pain suggestions would be most appreciated! Also, what do you think the L & D nurses would like as a snack? I was thinking a pan of brownies or congo bars - those are pretty easy, but are there any better options I'm not considering?

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