Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nesting through Shopping?

Hmmm, here are a couple more tops for the transition period. Tomorrow I'm going to Babies R Us (with a friend - so if I'm totally overwhelmed with the chaos and go into labor, she can help me get home :) Diaper pail, some more receiving blankets, socks and mittens and that should do it!

Seriously, I'm a big fan of Japanese Weekend for postpartum/maternity!
But, dear readers, I need some help. It looks like I may need to throw together an Easter meal (brunch or an early dinner) for about 6 guests. I'm thinking some sort of quiche, maybe more of the maple bundt (I'm sending it to work with N tomorrow and hopefully those keeping Passover won't be too mad at me), a nice salad, bacon/sausages, fruit and some sort of dessert? Do you have any ideas? I am not too worried about getting tired, because I have a few days to pull it all together and can tackle a lot of it in advance, so any thoughts/recommendations for tasty brunch dishes would be appreciated. Thanks!

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