Thursday, April 16, 2009

Is there any more room in the freezer?

Ok. I'm going to be totally honest and admit that I didn't actually get showered and dressed until around noon today. But, despite that, I was productive. I hung the smaller pictures in Baby Icing's room - the big poster should probably be done by someone whose tummy doesn't force them to stand almost two feet away from the wall! And, I did some research on the video camera and think I have our selection made. Plus, I made two delicious things from Orangette's blog - the chocolate cake last night...shown below. I'm thrilled, because N's birthday is in early May, and this cake is supposed to freeze really well. This, plus a nice cherry tart from the good French bakery should be two good choices for an easy birthday dinner.

Then, I made Orangette's nutmeg muffins. The idea of nutmeg as the leading flavor may sound odd, but I want to tell you that these are some of the most delicious little treats ever. Essentially, they are like little cake doughnuts that are baked - not fried. They freeze like a dream, and are delicious with coffee and tea. Mama Icing is a particular fan, so I wanted to have some ready for her arrival. In case you can't tell, I'm a total baker and need to work hard on my "cooking." Baking is just so easy because you follow the rules - with some small modifications :)
I've been treating myself to fresh flowers every week for the last few months, and am particularly enjoying the "Lipstick" roses as shown below. Ten bucks buys a dozen roses that last for about a week and they are just so pretty.

Tomorrow I have an early morning doctor's appointment to check on the baby, and then I'm doing some serious errands. Specifically, getting some sort of screen to make the sleeping loft a little more private, getting myself some little snacks to eat at the hospital (apparently if your baby is born in the middle of the night, you stay hungry until the hospital serves you breakfast the next morning!), and more groceries.
I have also decided not to go private. Instead, I'm keeping this as my place to vent where my family/friends don't really know about it, and I'll just be a little more circumspect about the details - plus, I really like posting all the recipes - which would probably not interest people looking for baby photos. However, for those of you who leave comments fairly frequently and would like, I'm happy to friend you on Facebook, where Baby Icing will be very prominently documented. So, feel free to email me, and if we've previously emailed or corresponded, I'll friend you. I may do a separate baby blog too, but let's face it - I have one of the least tech savvy blogs ever, so I probably won't push my luck :).
Happy almost weekend. Please check out Orangette's blog to get the recipes posted above - the stories that go with them are so sweet that you shouldn't miss them!


  1. cute blog! your muffins look yummy! i love to bake as often as i can.

    be sure to swing by and enter the GIVEAWAY this weekend! It is SUPER cute and we are having 2 winners!

  2. ummm yes we need to be facebook friends. i'm so excited for your impending arrival and i don't even know you!! shoot me an e-mail ( i'm not comfortable putting my name directly on here for the world to see :)