Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Almost Friday!

Here's a little kitty love to start the weekend - someone was waiting for a treat. (He's a weird cat, so he likes to eat things like hummus and plain yogurt.)

Based on my prior post, I'm so excited to hear that there are other Nutella fans out there. If you like chocolate spreads, may I recommend the chocolat noir and the praline spread sold at Pain Quotidien? Check their website And, in light of all this Nutella love, I think it's time for me to make a delicious Nutella recipe to share with you all. Watch this space!

As for my favorite children's books - here are the ones I am most excited to share with Baby Icing:

1. Goodnight Moon
2. Harold and the Purple Crayon
3. Make Way for Ducklings
4. Blueberries for Sal
5. Corduroy
6. All fairy tales (anyone else read the Andrew Lang giant compilations)
7. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
8. All the Little House books
9. Little Women (when she's older)
10. Heidi
11. Paddington (my dad used to read these to me in a British accent "marmalade sandwiches!")

I'm getting so ready to start reading to her - right now I read her Us Weekly, Glamour, InStyle, etc (I don't read her the racier articles)!

This weekend we are having dinner with friends at Madeo...I'll report back if I see any famous people, since it's awards season, everyone is in town again - bad for traffic but fun for me! Saturday is my Junior League project in the morning, and then a relaxing afternoon (which will now include trying to bake with Nutella)! I think that's about all the fun I can handle! Anyone doing anything really neat?


  1. That kitty is just too gorgeous.

    What fun to put together a potential reading list for your girl! My poor future children are going to be readers whether they like it or not; I can't wait. ;-)

    Happy weekend!

  2. I love Eric Carle books... Have you seen his line of toys? They have them at Target and Babies R Us.. They are colorful and cute... we are going to get them all.