Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pour Le Bebe

I'm too superstitious to order lots of personalized stuff for Baby Icing before she arrives, but I'm pretty sure we have both of her names all picked out. (Don't worry - although I live in LA, there will be no Staten Island or Queens Icing here - we are going with family names!) That said, I found these adorable monogrammed little outfits at
How cute is this sleep sack for your little burrito?

And, I love these little bloomers for the girls! How tiny and adorable!
But really, it's the sleep gown that I love the most. Once Baby Icing arrives safely, and I can stop worrying so much, I'm definitely going to order some stuff. But, in case you are less superstitious, or you need gifts for newly arrived babies, this might be worth a shot!


  1. If Baby M is a girl, she is going to have a zillion pairs of monogrammed bloomers. I even purchased a pair of cute bloomers the other day because they were $.50 at Baby Gap!

  2. Oh, I laughed at this. Love the LA reference - Hollywood may run out of NYC boroughs to name kids after at this rate! I wonder what metropolitan area they'll move to next - Chicago? Newark?

  3. Love, love love this. I may need to just get two monogrammed and see what baby d turns out to be!

  4. Ha! I'm waiting for babies named after LA neighborhoods - Watts? Brentwood, Venice? What about Encino? :)

    Mrs. Preppy and Preppy Wedding, I love the idea of doing a last photo shoot before Baby comes holding two different personalized onesies...

    I may just break down and order one pair of bloomers...Nana Icing couldn't get over how cute they are!