Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Para La Nina

This is a great blog by a designer who is expecting a baby too! I found this post, and wanted to share these darling posters for nurseries! http://gogoabigail.com/blog/2009/01/27/caught-my-eye-for-the-nursery/

It led me to Bold and Noble, where I bought the grey print below for Baby Icing's nursery. This blue ark would look adorable for a little boy, wouldn't it? It also comes in red for the gender neutral nursery!

I loved this grey print. It's about a moonrise, and I thought it was so beautiful and restful. I have yellow walls in our nursery, and although I want to dress my little girl in lots of pink, I'm going for a more calming and neutral look to the nursery. This is for a couple reasons - one my preference (Mr. Icing veers strongly towards lots of pink for Baby Icing - which has thrown me for a loop!), and two, we live in a two bedroom townhouse. When we were doing renovations this fall, our contractor (a father of four) strongly recommended that we keep our nursery so that other buyers could imagine using the room for something else (because most people who live in a townhouse with open staircases do not have small children)!

Plus, I loved these prints for other than nursery use - and their prices were pretty reasonable. I'll do an update when the grey print arrives. I'm thinking of matting in ivory and then using a brushed steel/silvery frame - it will match the curtain rods and hopefully the lamps.

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