Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thing One and Thing Two

I love my kitty babies very much - here they are exploring the crib, and sitting in their customary spots on the dining room table. Apparently, it is very important to sit on either side of Maida Heatter's Chocolate Desserts (only the best dessert cookbook known to mankind)! Don't worry - we didn't leave them in the crib long, but they had a good time exploring it (they are too roly poly to jump in on their own)!


  1. Cute kitties! Thus far, Steve has not jumped into the crib. At first I was worried that he would see the crib as a Steve-sized bed, but he just sleeps in the much more comfortable glider.

  2. Such gorgeous kitties! Curious to hear how they acclimate to the incoming kidlet.

  3. In their wildest dreams Dyland and Holly couldn't jump into the crib (unless they went on a training and dieting kick)! We're very interested in how they will react to babies - and if any of you want to research cats and babies, try viewing the You Tube videos when you search! They are adorable.