Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Imaginary Adventures

Today was a bad day. So, I'm pretending that I'm going here, and eating gelato. Preferably hazelnut.
I'll be wearing these sensible, but chic slides, and I think they'll work just as nicely for viewing historic homes in Maine as they would traipsing around Rome!

Every summer when I was little, we would rent a cottage in Kennebunkport ME, with my family...and we would always drive by the wedding cake house pictured above. A sea captain built it for his wife, to make up for apparently sailing out right after their wedding ceremony and before they could cut the cake!

I also these shoes would work while enjoying a cocktail or a nice glass of rose at my favorite hotel in Santa Barbara, the Bacara. Sun, sea, and that gorgeous pool...sigh. This is the place I have the best shot of visiting this coming summer, because it's only about 90 minutes from LA, and might be a good place for a long weekend with Baby Icing.

This dress would go with all of the options and I think it would work perfectly in each location. I may just break down and buy it now, because I just really don't want to wear maternity clothing anymore. I feel like the snake in the Little Prince who has eaten an elephant. I'll look for that image!
And, don't you agree that the shoes are flat and perfectly sensible for viewing historic homes, enjoying a cocktail overlooking the Pacific and traipsing around Rome eating gelato?
Side note, I have a cold, am pregnant and it's going to rain here tomorrow. Blech.

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  1. Order the dress. I ordered the one I posted the other day.