Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things Pregnant People Like When They Can't Take Cold Medications

I have a horrid cold. I went to bed feeling stuffy and achy, and woke up with a throat that was really sore and almost no voice. So, I stayed home sick. Being sick stinks, but being sick when you can't take any of the good medications stinks even more. That said, I'm feeling a lot better this evening, and here are the things that helped out (other than getting to lie on the couch, and read my briefs/cases in peace and quiet at home)!

Orange juice. Honestly, I haven't really been crazy about it since getting pregnant, but it does help to sip on it - and it always tastes good when I'm sick.

This tea. I drank two pots - about 8 small cups - over today so far, and it's delicious enough to drink plain, without any honey or sugar. Which, when I'm sick, I don't always like sugar in my tea. Oddly, that doesn't mean that I don't want cookies with the tea, but I just don't like sugar in hot drinks when I'm sick.

I couldn't find an image of the chicken noodle soup, but I'm in love. It's really good, and much less salt than the original. I generally think reduced sodium is sort of disgusting, but salt is on the list of things pregnant people are supposed to be careful about, so I'm trying to eat less of it. This is delicious, and I'm going to make Mr. Icing pick up some more on the way home from work.

Any suggestions for other non-druggy cold remedies? I still have to drag myself to work tomorrow morning...

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