Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Things to Do

As I mentioned yesterday, I am about 8 weeks from Baby Icing arriving and changing the ENTIRE WOLRD AS I KNOW IT. So, I really want to check some things off the to do list that may languish for years (like until Baby Icing goes to college) in these last few weeks. And, I'm telling you, kind readers, so that I feel responsible. (Thanks to Lauren for doing a similar post this week that got me motivated!)

So, here goes:

  1. Roll over the 401k from my old job so that it's easy to keep track of it (and watch it lose money). Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't rush this one?

  2. Change all accounts to my married name. I had a period of time where my state bar registration was still in my maiden name, but now that is fixed, there is no excuse, and since I USE my married name professionally and socially, it should all match.

  3. Find an appropriate pull out couch/sleeper option to use in our loft/home office/de facto new guest bedroom.

  4. Clean out the closets. Specifically, reorganize them to allow all the stuff we have to be stored efficiently. (Note to self - do not start this project if I suspect labor is about to start, as I don't want this unfinished when Baby Icing arrives!
  5. Have my car completely serviced, including the "love tap" on the rear bumper.
  6. Research "mommy and me" type groups so that I'll have a list. I'm in the weird stage of having only a couple friends with children, and I think it would be great to have some other mum friends in the neighborhood.
  7. GOODWILL donation - books and clothes. There are some books that I've read once and they take up a lot of space!
  8. Organize my address list for the birth announcements. I may be lazy and have a calligrapher do them, and for that, they need to be in one central word document.
  9. Find a pediatrician!!!!! This is a priority! (I also need an internist for myself, but that's another story).
  10. Schedule baby CPR. We will need to take this class after Baby Icing arrives, because we can't seem to find an open class between now and April!
  11. Buy Mr. Icing a very nice birthday present, as his birthday is going to be pretty close to Baby's - I'm thinking he may need a nice bottle of scotch with all these changes going on!
  12. Finish up and prettify my new little home office closet - so that I actually enjoy doing paperwork there!
  13. Learn how to use the slow cooker. I'm going to be returning to work, and this seems like a nice way to make some tasty weeknight dinners!
  14. Research childcare options. Due to our schedules and office locations, we most likely need someone to come to our house, and I need to know the going rate, what is included, all that good stuff.
  15. Finish up a photo album of Mr. Icing and I that predates our wedding. We'll be married four years this July, just to give you an has been a while.

So, what do you have on your list? Realistically, I won't get all of this done, but it's good to have goals, right?

Also, how do I "follow" blogs? I'd love to follow all you readers and commenters, but in case you haven't noticed, I'm not the most tech savvy person out there!


  1. Great list and you are right to attack it before baby! While I'm thinking of it make sure you go to my blog and look up baby essentials you need...I think it's categorized under advice? Registy? Can't remember. Anyhoo word of mouth us the way for docs, nanny's and the mommy and me's. Cute girl at the grocery store with a baby? Ask her! Also email me and I can tell you my pediatrician and mommy and me secrets. My list? Cleaning car seat, gymini etc that was Landon's getting ready for Coco. Borrowing a few things this time, but setting up her area in our bedroom where she will camp out until we move her into her room. Guest room will be Landons, but first a place for grandmas to come and help!!!!!!

  2. PS go to and start adding the addresses of your fave blogs. It will show you when someone has a new post!

  3. I suggest Google Reaer instead of Bloglines. Bloglines is very tempermental and often messes up.

  4. Thanks ladies! And OFM - your archives are fantastic! I'm starting there and have a lot of reading to do!