Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Things Pregnant People Like When They Feel They Have Been Pregnant FOREVER

Today is the start of week 32. I have at least 8 weeks to go. Baby Icing is a very busy little girl, or she is incredibly uncomfortable, because she seems to spend the majority of each day trying to climb up through my ribs, or kick out through my stomach. It's kind of cute, but it is making it very difficult to concentrate at the office. Other than that, and some heartburn, I really can't complain. But, I haven't shopped in forever for ME! And, there are some great sales and deals out there.

For those of you who are pregnant now, or heading on into the "fourth trimester" (I was horrified to hear my doctor say that no, just because lots of celebrities have babies at my hospital, there is no special procedure done to ensure that I will walk out in non-maternity jeans), may I suggest Isabella Oliver? http://www.isabellaoliver.com/maternity-clothes Currently, they are offering 20% off all clothing through Sunday with the code "Thanks."

I'm thinking of purchasing the following:
This wrap dress will be nice for pre and post delivery - and since it's a wrap, it would be easy for nursing.
Cute nursing top - and a duplicate copy - I really like grey - and as my friend A pointed out - spit up really doesn't show on grey like it does on darker colors!

Another "cute" nursing top in ink. I am beginning to discover that it's like pregnancy clothing - cute is a relative term. I don't really want to wear a vulgar tee shirt saying "got milk" or something else horrendous in glitter, so these seem like tasteful options.
Now, if and when I ever return to my normal shape, here are some things that I'd like to wear. I am a Milly FIEND, and I think this dress is just smashing. Wouldn't it be perfect for summer weddings and going out to dinner - if I ever leave the house again?

This little cutie is from Calypso, and I think it would be perfect for Saturday lunch and times at the beach...plus it is machine washable, so I think I could wear it around Baby Icing. :) I'm sure she'll appreciate bright sherbet colors like this!

And here's my favorite - pink and J. Crew, and machine washable. Even better, right now it's on final sale. I'm going to order it two sizes up, and I figure I can always get it tailored down as I (hopefully) get back to my regular size.

And these - just because I think they'd look smashing with all the dresses! I don't feel up to wearing big heels these days unless I can sit. Aren't they lovely?

BTW, happy Mardi Gras! I hope you all are having king cake or a tasty equivalent! Growing up, we always ate pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. In Paris, I feasted on crepes and ate the King Cake at Epiphany, but I love all the Mardi Gras traditions. Now, I just have to drag myself to Mass tomorrow for Ash Wednesday!


  1. All of those dresses are great! I love them... I would order the J Crew one 2 sizes up, at least that is what I did with some other dresses.

  2. I really like all of those maternity options! The wrap dress in particular seems like it might be particularly comfy while also cute.

    And I've also been stalking that Milly dress. Divine.

    Nordy's has (or had) an almost identical version of those Manolos, by the way, for far less $$. I bought them last summer & have been wearing them non-stop since!

  3. Great picks! I found you through Granny smith green! I am 33 weeks and living in LA too! Glad I found you!

  4. I ordered the J Crew two sizes up, so I'm hoping that I can wear it at some point. I couldn't resist buying something that isn't maternity. As for identical version of the Manolos...to quote another LA girl "I die" I'll have to stop by Nordie's after my doctor's appointment on Friday and check it out!