Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

This cold has settled in for the long haul. It's Sunday afternoon, and I still feel terrible. So, I didn't get a whole lot done this weekend. I have some files to review for work, and Mr. Icing has agreed to do the grocery shopping. I can hopefully pull it together to make dinner - a roasted chicken.

So, here are some pictures of what went on this weekend: THAI food. I can't recommend enough ordering some of this spicy coconut soup next time you have a a cold - it's called Tom Ka Kai, and it's sweet, spicy and delicious. It has chicken, ginger, scallions, and all sorts of delicious spices. MMMMM! I'm having it as lunch again today!

Pots and pots of hot tea! I don't know if it's curing me, but I am feeling a little better!
After a few hiccups, the first installment of furniture has arrived. I was a little peeved, because the delivery window provided was from 10-12 - so Mr. Icing skipped basketball, while I went to my Junior League project. I raced home early, so he could get out, only to get a call that the delivery would be running late and would be most likely around 4:00. ARRRGH! But, I was blown away by how nice and helpful the delivery people were. The installation was great - complete with a practice session for us on how to use the crib! (The rest of the room is a DISASTER.) Here is a good photo of big kitty meeting the new furniture. He doesn't know what sort of change is coming!

Last night was a wonderful Italian dinner at Locanda Veneta (conveniently right across the street from my doctor's office and the rest of the Cedars complex...I wonder if they do takeout to the labor and delivery ward at Cedars?). If I'm not sick, their fettuccine with black truffles is fantastic, but it's a little too creamy these days. I had a yellow tomato soup, followed by rigatoni alla nonna (tomatoes, eggplant and smoked mozzarella), and we shared dessert - a nutella crepe. It was fun to catch up with my brother in law and his girlfriend - I can't wait for Baby Icing to meet her uncle and aunt! (And we saw James Cromwell - always a plus - it's up there with my Tom Brokaw sighting for highlights of the year)!
All in all a good I just need to get this cold away!

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