Monday, January 19, 2009

Adventures East of the 405

(Cost Plus - Chocolate Tasting!)
K's home made and DELICIOUS banana bread

How cute and petite are these little slices?

(My afternoon snack)

LA is a city of many neighborhoods (or a gross mass of sprawl if you don't like it)! Today I headed east to Toast for brunch/lunch with K and A. If you watch the Hills, you may recognize It's always adventures in skinny jeans, flats, aviators and slightly dirty hair (for men and women) over there - and the people watching is fantastic. People watching in Brentwood is much tamer and less interesting - it's just doctors/lawyers/ibankers and their spouses, their younger counterparts, or UCLA students - not a whole lot of skinny jeans and tattoos if you know what I mean. (I was wearing black ballet flats, 7 maternity jeans, and an Old Navy maternity tank and sweater - with a paisley headband and my red LV Alma) - definitely comfort over style these days here! I had my fill of the people watching, and a delicious egg white omelet with avocados, tomatoes, spinach and goat cheese. And, I got caught up on all the drama of weddings, jobs, drama - that happen when you can't see good friends as often as you'd like!
Then, K and I headed over to the Grove, for the ONLY Pottery Barn Kids in the city to check out gliders. Why there is only one store within a 20 minute drive of me seems odd - this is Los Angeles! That aside, I loved their gliders...but they are worthy of a separate post. We scampered over to Cost Plus - where we went straight to the food aisles. K is the most amazing cook I know. She baked the tiny banana bread pictured above - and it is superlative. It has candied ginger and chocolate chips inside, and came in an adorable little tin. We discovered that there were vast amounts of different kinds of chocolates available, so I bought a sampling of some interesting dark chocolates for my home samples. (BTW, I am always unreasonably paranoid at the Grove of terrorist attacks - not like West Hollywood is a worthy target, but there's something about it and the happiness, the dancing fountains and fake trolley that get me all worried...or maybe pregnancy just makes me crazy?)
At home, I beached myself on the couch for a little light reading for work and had some pomegranate herbal tea - please try it - it's a little tart and I think it would be perfect in the summer as iced tea. The work reading almost put me to sleep, but I got through it. Mr. Icing called and offered to pick up takeout on his way home, so the cats and I are awaiting delicious Indian food very soon! (They do not eat people food other than the occasional bit of hummus, yogurt or butter...but they are very interested in take out boxes and containers???) Indian food plus How I Met Your Mother equals happy Icing!
Oh, and I've been craving the Indian food since we saw Slumdog Millionaire on Saturday. It was good - very violent and some really sad scenes of children in poverty and ethnic violence. I was glad that I saw it, but it was very sad in places. Unlike Benjamin Button, a lot happened. I recommend it. We just need to find a way to see the rest of the good here you feel out of it if you aren't up on the films (probably the way people are in NYC or D.C. about important world events :)
A good end to a long weekend!

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