Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Design Problems

(Via Habitually Chic)

(Apartment Therapy)

Our guest bedroom is becoming a nursery. So, our loft needs to become a guest bedroom when we have adult visitors. This comes with a set of challenges. It also needs to function as a small office, and be a place where I can do a yoga dvd if I feel like it. This is a tall order for a space that is about 8' by 10'. I thought the two images above were good ideas...especially the desk made of file cabinets! Habitually Chic is a beautiful blog I just found - the author does such a nice job of discussing all sorts of design issues, and includes interviews with really creative people!

Here's an interesting article about redoing a guest bedroom:

The problem is that we don't have room for a bed up there, in addition to the office stuff, unless I put the desk in the closet...I'm working on it! Are any of you out there dealing with a baby-related decorating challenge?

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