Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Good and the Bad

Aren't these darling! They are from, and would be perfect if you like to bake for your Valentine!
I think I"m getting this print to frame for baby Icing's nursery. A pretty little girl deserves some pretty flower prints, doesn't she? And, if she doesn't like it, then I love it and would be happy to display it in the house!

Old Navy Maternity has really impressed me. The sweater posted above, well I adore it. It was like 20 bucks, and is just darling!

Now, the bad - Domino Magazine is closing! I'm crushed. This is not good news, as I loved looking through it every month - everything from the recipes to the renovation tips. First, Blueprint closed last year, now Domino???? I'm not a sophisticated design person, and these two were both just my kind! What am I going to read now?

Then, the horribly bad. It took me ALMOST TWO HOURS to get to work this morning. There was a horrible fatality crash shutting down the entire 10 freeway going from Santa Monica to downtown. I worked from home (all the better to enjoy my illicit coffee) until about 9:30, but then wanted to go in, and I didn't get into the office until 11:20! It normally takes me 45 minutes - max. Car accidents scare me so much, and I am praying for the families of the victims. Every time something like this happens, it gets me all morbid and paranoid about freeway driving.
But, the last good, I'm home on the couch, Mr. Icing is heating up leftovers for dinner (I already had a delicious grilled cheese, tomato soup and special salad dinner) and the week is halfway over! Hope your Wednesday went well!


  1. I have not even looked at the Old Navy spring clothes since I am trying not to buy anything else... but I might have to breakdown and get another pair of work slacks. Ugh.

    And our dinner tonight will be soup and grilled cheese. Unless Mr. wants to heat up leftovers.

  2. I hear you. I am really hoping to only have to buy a couple things in March, but we'll see. It's been warm in LA, so I've been wearing pretty much exclusively dresses. I'll need more than one pair of maternity pants if it gets cold here for more than a week or so!

    Soup and grilled cheese is a fantastic dinner - I have a special fondness for the grilled cheese, because it was really one of the only foods I could stand during weeks 6-14!