Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Things

Mrs. Preppy did a 25 things tag, and I'm thankful, because I am out of ideas today. I didn't eat lunch until now, and I'm feeling a little put out after an unpleasant meeting. So, here you go, 25 things about me:

1. CHOCOLATE is my favorite thing to eat. But, I don't actually like milk chocolate very much. I'll eat it in emergencies, but the darker the better. Right now, I'm working on an 85% dark chocolate bar at the office. I must eat one small square after lunch every day.

2. I am incredibly superstitions. Like Middle Ages superstitious. I say a prayer anytime I see road kill, cut someone off in traffic, or otherwise mess up. I am especially a nut job about anything related to Baby Icing.

3. I love CSI, NCIS and Bones. I also love all the true crime shows like Forensic Files.

4. I am a lawyer who is a little sensitive about lawyer jokes. I don't think they are very nice. But, I can see how some members of my profession are not the most upstanding people.

5. Sometimes when I'm pregnant, I feel like a teenage mother, other times I feel geriatric. I chalk it up to living in LA - only here would a 30 year old feel young to be pregnant!

6. I LOVE watching football. I decided to learn to like it because Mr. Icing is passionate about it, but then found out once I understood what was going on, that I liked it too.

7. I have followed my current hair dresser to three different salons. I love her. We have been together for 7 years, and I visit religiously every 6-8 weeks.

8. I am much more concerned with the state of my toes than manicures. I only wear clear polish or Essie Mademoiselle on my fingernails.

9. I love my cats. I never grew up with pets, and it amazed me how quickly I became attached to them.

10. My brother is a very talented photographer. My mother is a decent artist and a very talented photographer. I am not. I'm working on it.

11. I LOVE coffee. As a little girl, I used to always smell the coffee grounds as my mum would grind the beans. I still have to sniff them now.

12. I really enjoy cooking, and buy an obscene quantity of cookbooks. Sometimes, I read the recipes without cooking - I find it relaxing.

13. Moon River was the song for our first dance at our wedding. I want to find a mobile that plays it for Baby Icing's room.

14. I really like beans and legumes. Lentils, black beans, chick peas, split pea soup. Mr. Icing is opposed to beans, so I only cook them for me, or for my lunch. I hope he changes his mind eventually.

15. I eagerly await girl scout cookie season for the Samoas.

16. I don't particularly like mint and chocolate together, but occasionally like an after dinner mint.

17. I miss my dad. He died the summer after my freshman year of college, and I have so much I want to tell him!

18. I am obsessed with skin cancer and spend a lot of money on expensive sunscreens. Some of them may include ingredients not yet approved by the FDA. I like to think that means they are extra powerful.

19. I am a Gemini. I also love my June birthstone - the pearl. I wear lots of pearl jewelry.

20. I love wearing dresses, and really don't wear pants at all when it is hot out, unless they are part of a suit and I'm going to court.

21. I have very traditional tastes in home architecture, but I live in a VERY modern/open townhouse and love it???

22. I dream of owning a lovely Chippendale mahogany dining room set.

23. I am from New England, and I miss it there. Some people think it's not friendly, but I think people give you room and aren't all in your business. You also know when people like you, they really like you.

24. I really hope my little girl likes to bake with me. I had so much fun baking with my mum as a little girl. My brother did too - and he makes DELICIOUS brownies.

25. I love getting real mail and magazines. Right now, I get Lucky, Domino (SNIFF), Real Simple and Bon Appetit. I'm going to add Glamour, In Style and Wine Spectator. (I got Wine Spectator for a few years, but thought it would annoy me while pregnant.

And I pass this along to anyone who wants to play!

Happy Friday!


  1. I think we would be friends if we were lived closer! I completely agree on the dresses... I love them! And, I am also a Gemini.